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Hi, I'm Peter Cresalia, a Marin County native with six generations of family history tied to this beautiful region. I was born and raised here — making me intimately familiar with our unique marine ecosystem and community.


I found my passion at a young age when I started abalone diving at 10 years old. I’ve continued ever since: learning new skills and working professionally as a diver for over a decade servicing vessels of all sizes from small leisure crafts to big commercial fishing boats. 


Working on fishing boats made me a diving jack-of-all-trades: responding to emergencies, untangling lines in all sorts of water conditions, and deep cleaning hulls that were overrun with barnacles.

About Me

I started Cresalia Diving Service in 2022 to give back to Marin County and support the local boating community I grew up in.


I take great pride in my work: making sure customers feel supported and that their boats are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards.


I’m passionate about what I do and nothing makes me happier than seeing a job done well with clients enjoying their time in the waters using boats in prime condition.


Need a quote? I’m easily reachable via text, call, or email. And I guarantee a response within 24 hours.

Putting off hull cleaning can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Get your hull cleaned professionally in a few hours along with a detailed report at the end.

Hull Cleaning

Zinc anodes can corrode over time and affect your boat’s fuel efficiency and performance.

I’ll inspect the anodes and replace them in less than an hour.

Zinc Anode Replacement

Need help on something specific? 

Reach out to get a free quote for the job.



Peter is reliable, prompt and the nicest guy.

He replaced my zinc anodes in no time and coached me proper boat maintenance.

Holly F.
Crab Captain

I was really impressed with Peter’s services. 


It was so easy to book a cleaning and get everything done in a few hours.

Bel Marin Keys


Thank you, Peter.




I really value your work and your communication skills.



Thanks so much for your hard work. 

Professionals like you are definitely worth the project cost.




of clients become recurring customers and would happily give referrals


Marinas and harbors serviced


Customers served


Hull cleanings and zinc replacements done

Simply email me at or fill out the form below and get a response within 24 hours.

Contact Us

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