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Why it’s important to replace zinc anodes

Zinc anodes are the unsung heroes below the waterline, protecting your hull from the harsh realities of saltwater. These sacrificial metals act as lightning rods for corrosion, instead of your hull, shaft or propeller being corroded. They combat the damaging effects of saltwater electrolysis, extending the lifespan of your boat and saving you from costly repairs. 


With time, these anodes deteriorate and need to be replaced. An expert diver can assess their condition and recommend the right anodes to use for your specific boat and environment. The process is quick and typically takes 1-2 hours and can help prolong your boat’s lifespan for years and prevent costly repairs.

Damaged zinc anodes after 3 months

Fast & reliable zinc anode replacement

Get an in-depth inspection of your zincs and replacements done. We service all sizes of zincs for all sizes of boats.

Get a free quote and appointment within 24 hrs


of clients become recurring customers and would happily give referrals


marinas and harbors serviced


years of professional diving experience on different vessels


zincs inspected and replaced

One of our customers came to us after their previous diver misinstalled their zinc anodes — causing the shaft to corrode within months and a hefty repair bill.

Zinc replacements need to be done by experts who have the experience needed to choose the right zinc size for your boat and flag any potential problems during inspection.

A proper replacement now will save you from countless headaches and costs down the line.

Why boaters choose Cresalia Diving Service

Our Process

Here’s what you can expect from every appointment

Easy bookings. Consultations within 24 hrs.

An in-depth, comprehensive inspection.

Thorough sail boat and yacht zinc replacements in 1-3 hours.

Detailed summary report and recommendations.


Zinc Anode Replacement

Starting at $150

Get a free quote and appointment within 24 hrs


✓  Replacement of four anodes

  Additional anodes charged $15/anode

  Price of anode component charged separately

✓  Thorough dive inspection

✓  Real-time updates on the job

✓  Inspection report

Peter is reliable, prompt and the nicest guy.

He replaced my zinc anodes in no time and coached me proper boat maintenance.

Holly F.
Crab Captain

I was really impressed with Peter’s services. 


It was so easy to book a cleaning and get everything done in a few hours.

Bel Marin Keys


Thank you, Peter.




I really value your work and your communication skills.



Thanks so much for your hard work. 

Professionals like you are definitely worth the project cost.



Marinas & Yacht Harbors We Service

If you don't see your harbor listed please reach out to us. We'd love to help.

North Marin

Bel Marin Keys Yacht Club
Loch Lomond Marina & Yacht Club
Marin Yacht Harbor & Yacht Club
San Rafael Yacht Club

South Marin

Clipper Yacht Harbor
Corinthian Yacht Club
Horseshoe Bay Harbor

Presidio Yacht Club
Marina Plaza Harbor
Paradise Cay Yacht Harbor
Pelican Harbor
Richardson Bay Marina
Sausalito Cruising Club
Sausalito Marine Harbor
Sausalito Yacht Club
Sausalito Yacht Harbor
Schoonmaker Pt. Marina
The San Francisco Yacht Club

North San Francisco

San Francisco Marina Yacht Club
East Harbor
Yacht Harbor

About Cresalia Diving Service

Hi, I’m Peter Cresalia and I’m a professional diver with over a decade of experience servicing vessels of all sizes from sailboats to big commercial fishing boats.


Unlike hobbyist divers, I’m here to support you for the long haul and treat your boat like it's my own. I only use specialized tools that ensure a thorough hull cleaning while still protecting your bottom paint — optimizing for longevity and performance.


Being a Marin County native with six generations of family history tied to this region, I feel deeply connected to its community and take great pride in supporting its boaters.


Customers often think of me as their “eyes below the waterline”. I keep detailed notes on your hull and share any issues or maintenance needs as soon as I see them. If you need a consultation or quote, I’m easily reachable via a quick text, call, or email.

Simply email me at or fill out the form below and get a response within 24 hours.

Providing Marin County with fast & reliable expert service

  • There are many service providers out there and we encourage you to pick one you’re comfortable working with. Clients choose us because of our decades of diving experience, our commitment to give back to Marin County’s community, and our professional customer service. 


    We’re easily reachable and are happy to give technical guidance on any questions you might have. We give accurate quotes and are transparent about our work — so you don’t have to worry about surprise charges. In short, we provide the peace of mind to our clients that their boat is being looked after with utmost care and attention.

  • The frequency of replacement depends on usage and environmental factors. Generally, it's recommended to check and replace zinc anodes annually or when they show signs of significant wear (50% or more).

  • Replacing zinc anodes offers crucial benefits for boat and yacht owners. Primarily, it prevents accelerated corrosion by sacrificing themselves to protect vital metal components from electrolysis in saltwater. This proactive maintenance extends the overall lifespan of the boat, ensures optimal performance, saves on fuel costs, and mitigates the risk of costly repairs.

  • Look for visual cues such as significant erosion or if the anodes have worn down by half. In severe cases, you may notice pitting or irregular shapes. Regular inspections are key to identifying replacement needs.

  • While some boat owners may replace anodes themselves, hiring a professional ensures proper installation and thorough inspection. A good service provider will be able to recommend the right anodes for your boat type and its specific marine ecosystem. They will also include a comprehensive check of all anodes and associated components.

  • Neglecting zinc anode replacement exposes your boat's metal parts to accelerated corrosion. This can lead to significant damage, reduced performance, and costly repairs. Regular replacements are a proactive measure to avoid such issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

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