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Our Process

Here’s what you can expect from every appointment

Easy bookings. Consultations within 24 hrs.

An in-depth, comprehensive inspection.

Thorough cleanings in 1-3 hours.

Detailed summary report and recommendations.

I take great pride in ensuring that all my customers feel supported and that their boats are cleaned to the highest standards using the latest cutting-edge tools. 


I’m easily reachable with a quick text, call, or email. Feel free to contact me for a quote on my services or if you need a consultation.

Easy appointments. Consultations within 24 hours

On the day, I’ll keep you posted via text on the progress of the cleaning.

It begins with a full comprehensive inspection of your boat to evaluate its condition. This includes checkups such as:

Get a full, comprehensive inspection

Hull examination

I’ll check for any signs of damage from dents, cracks, corrosion, and blistering. This examination is vital to ensure there aren’t any structural problems affecting your safety.

Paint condition

Anti-fouling paint or coatings deteriorate over time. I’ll assess the condition of the protective layer, ensuring it is effective in preventing marine growth and fouling. If the paint is compromised, it will need to be reapplied.

Zinc Anodes

Sacrificial zinc anodes are used to protect the hull from corrosion due to electrolysis. If they are compromised, I can replace them on the same day.

Propeller and running gear

Inspecting the propeller and running gear can reveal damage or fouling that may be affecting your vessel's performance, fuel efficiency, and stability.

Thru-hull fittings

These components create an opening through the hull that allows for the passage of water and gas through the boat. Poorly maintained or improperly sealed thru-hull fittings can lead to water ingress, hull damage, or even sinking.

Rudder shaft

A worn out rudder shaft could decrease your boat’s maneuverability. With time, the rudder shaft may show signs of stress cracks and damages.

All of the above services are included in your hull cleaning process. 


You’ll never have to worry about any surprise fees on your final bill.

After inspecting the hull and the type of fouling present, I’ll be able to pick the right tools to use for your specific boat to preserve its paint during cleaning. 


I use a combination of soft plastic scrapers, scrub pads, and a special top-tier hull cleaner electric brush that’s designed to stick itself onto the hull surface and allow me to move freely without applying extra pressure towards the hull. Its slow rotating motor and soft bristle brush removes fouling while minimizing bottom paint removal. 


With 10+ years of professional diving experience, I’m also able to navigate different visibility and depths to ensure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned on your appointment day.


The whole cleaning process typically takes 1-3 hours and clients aren’t required to be present out of convenience unless they’d like to be.

Restoring your hull to
peak condition



The initial assessment of your boat’s condition

A summary outlining all the work that was completed

A list of recommendations for repair or upkeep work that may be needed for specific components

A debriefing call to answer any questions

Before and After photos are available for an additional fee

I love sharing my knowledge with others and want to make sure that every client has a solid understanding of their boat’s condition and what they can do to prolong its life and performance.


At the end of every job, I’ll provide a detailed, transparent report which includes:

Get a detailed report and follow up support

Heavy growth and debris on the vessel

Cleaned bottom and running gear of same vessel

Before and After

Peter is reliable, prompt and the nicest guy.

He replaced my zinc anodes in no time and coached me proper boat maintenance.

Holly F.
Crab Captain

I was really impressed with Peter’s services. 


It was so easy to book a cleaning and get everything done in a few hours.

Bel Marin Keys


Thank you, Peter.




I really value your work and your communication skills.



Thanks so much for your hard work. 

Professionals like you are definitely worth the project cost.




of clients become recurring customers and would happily give referrals


Marinas and harbors serviced


Customers served


Hull cleanings and zinc replacements done

Simply email me at or fill out the form below and get a response within 24 hours.

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